St Petersburg Short Sales | Why won’t I qualify?

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 St Petersburg Short Sales | Why won’t I qualify?

St Petersburg Short Sales, why won’t I qualify?  Well, how do you know?

There are all kinds of myth and rumors and false information going around when it comes to Short Sales.  Where did you get your information? Who did you get it from? A St Petersburg Short Sale Real Estate Agent or a Short Sale Lawyer OOOR was it just all the “stuff” you heard from friends, read in the newspaper and watched on TV?

If you are thinking about doing a Short Sale on your St Petersburg home or condo, talk to the experts. This is a tough, frustrating and depressing time for you and you need the help of true professionals, not the good will of friends. It is important that you talk to people who are involved in Short Sales on a daily base. Things change all the time and what was true 3 month ago might not be true today.

Talk to a local Short sale Realtor first and he or she will tell you who to talk to next. It is important to start the short sale process with a clear plan of action in mind. You have to have all your paperwork in order. You need to write a hardship letter and on goes the list. With an expert Realtor on your site a short sale is not scary !

Pick up the phone now and call us at  727 410 7777. No strings attached, we make an appointment and talk about a Short Sales and the options you have, do not get discouraged by all the “stuff” you hear.

St Petersburg Short Sales | Why won’t I qualify?

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