St. Petersburg Short Sales | can I switch my boat slip?

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St. Petersburg Short Sales | can I switch my boat slip?

We recently had a Short sale listing in St. Petersburg that had a deeded boat slip.


Our seller got approached by another condo owner that also had a boat slip but much smaller. He asked our Short Sale seller if it was ok to switch boat slips since the seller would not be needing it anymore after the sale.

As you might know Boat slips in St. Petersburg   are very thought after and the bigger the better. Not really thinking about it too much and being all occupied with getting his paperwork for his Treasure Island Short sale together, our seller said ok, why not.

We (the Short sale listing agents) did not know anything about this till we got a phone call from yet another condo owner in the complex.
That guy was complaining about us advertising a Short Sale in St. Petersburg with a huge deep water boat slip when that wasn’t true anymore. As you can imagine, we were very puzzled and had no idea what he was talking about.

Took us a whole day and about 20 phone calls to straighten this situation out. So, please if you are thinking about doing a Short Sale here in St. Petersburg   and you have a boat slip that is deeded to the property PLEASE do not make any deals with your neighbors or anybody other that the buyer of you Short Sale listing.  

Trust me, you cannot simply “detach” a deeded boat slip. In a Short Sale situation you need the bank approval for pretty much everything you do.



You can take out or sell NONE deeded or none attached items like furniture or potted plants but no boat slip. And that is true for all Short Sales, not only the St. Petersburg Short Sales.  St. Petersburg Short Sales | can I switch my boat slip?

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