Selling Process

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Selling your home in St. Petersburg Fl.

This is a brief overview of the things you have to consider, things you have to do and steps that you have to take when Selling your home in St. Petersburg Fl.

  • Call you Realtor
  • Discuss pricing and advertising with Realtor
  • Check your information on public records.
  • Sign Listing agreement.
  • Get the house ready for the first showings.
  • Stay in touch with your Realtor and get feedback from the showings.
  • If you have no offer after 30 days, visit with your Realtor again and re-evaluate the situation and make adjustments if necessary.
  • One buyer is interested and wants a second showing (very good sign)
  • You Realtor just got and offer, meet with him to discuss the offer and your options.
  • Negotiate the offer and counter.
  • Finally, meeting of minds and offer is accepted.
  • Now it is important to watch all the deadlines in the contract and make sure buyer is on track.
  • After home inspection and or appraisal, more negotiations might come up.
  • Take one hurdle at a time.
  • Make sure buyer’s financing gets approved.
  • Start packing your things.
  • Go to closing.

When Selling your home in St. Petersburg Fl you WILL run into all kinds of obstacles BUT your Realtor will walk you all the way from listing to closing. Please keep in mind, we do this for a living, we handle tough situations and negotiations every single day.

The most important thing for you to remember when Selling your home in St. Petersburg Fl is communication with your realtor every step of the way !!!

I can not stress this point enough, with a Realtor on your site, you will be successful in Selling your home in St. Petersburg Fl