Treasure Island Westwinds condos for sale | nearby restaurants | The Pearl

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Treasure Island Westwinds condos for sale | nearby restaurants

If you bought at the beautiful condo at the Westwinds resort in Treasure Island, one of the best reastaurants in town is just a short walk north east of you.

Here is a story about my last visit to the Pearl in Treasure Island.

Dinner at the Pearl in Treasure Island Fl

What a treat.  It is this time of the year again where we have our annual office diner party .We try to go to a different place every year but I have the feeling that this has stopped as of last night. We had a fantastic time at the Perl here in Treasure Island. I just love everything about this place.

First of all, you can’t beat the location, right in downtown Treasure Island next to a cigar bar and a dance bar (for the after dinner things) The Pearl  has a really welcoming and  cozy atmosphere and you can feel this the moment you walk in. It is as if Karim ( the owner | chef) and his wonderful staff, invite you into their living room and you instantly feel at home and well taken care of.

Talking about the Staff, everybody at the Pearl is very knowledgeable and friendly and pays attention to you. We had the pleasure of being served by Nick, by far the best  “host” you can find anywhere on planet earth . I am using the word “host” deliberately, a waiter is just someone that brings you food, a “host” is someone that  cares  and takes pride in his job.  As always, he was funny and in great spirits and we all had a wonderful time.

Dinner at the Pearl in Treasure Island Fl

Dinner at the Pearl in Treasure Island Fl

Now let’s talk about food. There are a lot of good cooks in our area and Karim is probably the best one of them but what really sets him apart is his love for food and his love for cooking. You can see it in the presentation and you taste it with the very first bite.   He is very creative but won’t overdue it.  Everything is made from scratch with  the freshest food you can find. The menu is a pleasure to read, perfect balance between International, Moroccan and American food.

Dinner at the Pearl in Treasure Island Fl

He accommodates all your “special wishes” and I am not just talking about the “substituting rice for potatoes thing”.  Last night, one of us wanted Sauce Béarnaise with her filet, now this is not something that you have in your pantry or you can just open a can. First of all, it is not easy to make a Sauce Béarnaise from scratch but the much bigger deal is that it completely interrupts your  “kitchen process”  See a restaurant kitchen is a highly organized place where everybody has his job and follows and unwritten “plan” which is needed to get the food out in time etc. So, interrupting this process  to accommodate “special wishes” ( in our case very very special wishes) is something you won’t find anywhere else.

So, again, we all had a wonderful time at the Pearl here in Treasure Island. The food was fantastic, the service was awesome and the atmosphere just brought it all together. If you  visit Treasure Island you should not miss out on this experience. Put it on you to do list, you will be delighted.

Again, going to the Pearl for dinner is an experience you do not want to miss, you feel like part of a huge family that welcomes you to their home and has fun cooking for you.  Treasure Island Westwinds condos for sale | nearby restaurants

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  1. I like how you are trying to sum up the great evening we had – but words just can’t describe it! This post of yours is like a “public service announcement”, everybody needs to know about The Pearl!!

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