Your home is listed with a Realtor but no showings!?

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What is wrong?

Here in St. Petersburg Florida we have a buyers market and our inventory is at an all time high. You found a great Realtor, you listed your home, the sign is out for 2 weeks now and you are getting very frustrated. NO SHOWINGS.

What went wrong? Talk to your Realtor; get his or her opinion, double check if the Realtor has actually placed all the advertising they promised. Make sure the showing instructions in the MLS are correct; last but not least, check again if your asking price is attractive. In my opinion there are only two reasons in this world

why a house will not sell.

The price is wrong or there is no marketing or advertising in place.

Nobody will buy an overpriced house and if it is priced right,

nobody can buy it if people do not know that it is for sale.

I hear people say

“Oh the location of my listing isn’t the best” –

Well you have to adjust the price to your location!

“My listing needs a little TLC”

Ok, not a problem let’s account for that in the asking price.

“The listing is not on a busy street. People can not find it” –

That’s why you need to do more advertising.

“I am not concerned about my new listing, it is a slow market and people just don’t buy right now.”

Wrong, we do not sell as much as we used to, but we still sell!!!

(please read my other posts before you list your house)

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