Your first showing, now what do you do?

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Finally, after carefully selecting a realtor, negotiating the marketing package, signing the listing agreement, preparing the house, finally the phone rings and your realtor tells you that he will be over tomorrow at 3 pm to show the house to potential buyers.

Now you have to go to work again, make sure the “first impression” is great (you only get one chance for the first impression) go out on the street and approach your home with the eyes of a buyer, if you for some reason can not switch into the buyers mood, ask a friend or your neighbor to help you.

Walk up to the house, pull weeds (they grow overnight) pick up the paper from yesterday, hide the trash can, pull dead flowers out of the pots and shrubs, ask you neighbor if you can park your second car in his driveway for a few hours. Go inside; clean up table tops and desk tops and countertops, the emptier the house, the bigger it feels. All the photos of your beloved grandkids have to go in the drawer for a few hours, the buyer needs to be able to place HIS pictures in your home, so “depersonalize”. Spray air freshener and put on some relaxing music (just back ground) put some candies in a bowl next to the information of the house and the listing sheet. Open all blinds and switch on all light(I do not care if the sun is shining or not, lights is a must) now you take your dogs and your kids for a walk 30 minutes before the realtor arrives, and you make it a long walk so you do not run into the buyers on your way out.

Than be patient for a few hours till you get the feedback from you agent.

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