You have to take a cheese cake break once in a while……..

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Today the girls – women (half of us are memopausal) at the South Beaches office took a day off and went to Tampa be guests at the Women’s Council of Realtors. We enjoyed the motivational guest speaker Fawn Germer. Even thou her presentation was only 30 something minutes long, (we would have listened to her for another 2 hours) and time flew by fast, it was still good that we went. With her stories she reminded us of a few very important aspects in life and got us to THINK. After all the thinking we decided it was time to treat ourself with something more relaxing.

We ended up at the Cheesecake factor in the International mall. Sangrias, Mojitos, Coffes, good conversations and lots of Cheesecake later we realize that we just don’t do this often enough.

Just taking a break, meet with other Realtors in the office and just have a good time without talking too much business. Tanja, Manny, Heather and me had a great time and we all missed Denise (she really had to work)

I am so happy to work in an office where it feels more like family and everybody helping each other than competions and jelusy and envy.

So, thank you girls (women) I am so happy that we are who and what we are.

Just curious, what do you do in your brokerage to get moments or hours where you get to know each other and don’t talk real estate?

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