You got to love them !!!

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My partner and I listed a condo about 2 months ago, the price was right but the condo did not look too inviting. The owner insisted it was fine and he did not need our help with staging it. (we offer this service free of charge to the listings that need it) Anyway, we had a lot of showings but no bite. Finally the owner gave in and said, “OK come on over next week and do what you need to do.”  YES,YES,YES we knew that a little staging would sell the condo. So, a few days later I pulled up in front of the condo (Manny my partner) was outside, instead of unloading the staging items, she was putting them back in the truck. So, I thought the owner had changed his mind, but no, his wife and her girlfriends wanted to help and went on a weekend shopping spree and had “staged” the condo for us.

Everything was “baby blue” I mean EVERYTHING.

Now, what do you do? Baby blue does not sell anymore !!! BUT it was so sweet of the owners to spend time and money and energy and transform the place.

Long story short, I decided to put all the “blues” in the closet and stage it with our stuff. I kind of felt bad about it but than again the owner hired us to SELL the unit and there was no way that it would sell in “blue”

Luckily I was right and we had an offer on it within a week. Now everybody is happy and no drama about the “blues”

Just imagine I had been wrong. . . . .


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