You get what you see. . . .

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But what do we see?

Or what does our seller see?

Or what does our buyer see?

If I am right, we all   “see” different things.

Do we  “see” with our heart?

Do we  “see” with our eyes?

Do we  “see” with our brain?

I do not know why it hit me today, but I was showing property and it was an As IS that needed a little TLC . The moment I heard myself say, “You get what you see” I realized that my buyer was seeing something totally different than I was seeing. And of course he confirmed this by saying “Boy this house needs a lot of work!”

Can we influence what the buyer sees by starting our sale pitch before we get through the door?

Would He have “seen” something different if I had told him upfront that “This is a fantastic house, has lots of potential, just needs a little TLC”

 What do you think?

Or for that matter, “how do you see it?”

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