You are not alone with your Treasure Island Fl Short Sale.

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You are not alone with your Treasure Island Short Sale. There are all kinds of horror stories in the newspaper, on TV and on the internet. Friends tell you stories about other friends,  who went through a nightmare etc. Take it from us, it is NOT that bad.


If you hire us to sell your Treasure Island home or condo as a Short Sale, you will see that it can be done and that is it not a total drama. We take our time, sit down with you and explain every step in the Short Sale process to you.


You provide us with some necessary paperwork and sign the listing agreement. We do everything to get your house on the market and to get an offer for your Treasure Island Property. Once this is accomplished the file goes to a law firm who has a negotiator that will deal with the bank on your behalf.  All of this is free of charge to you.


Call us today, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. We will ask you a few questions to find out if you would qualify for a Short Sale. After that we will meet, explain everything and then you can make an educated decision about doing a Short Sale on your Treasure Island home.

There are never any guarantees that a lender will approve a Short Sale but you need to make the first step and call us, otherwise you will never find out.

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