Why do Punch # Lock boxes have such a bad reputation?

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# Lock Box verses Electronic Lock Box.

In our office we have both the #LB and the Electronic LB

My Realtors do not have to pay for them and they are free to choose which ones they want. It is different from listing to listing. Vacant homes usually get an electronic LB. And a #LB. Why two LBs – simple, so both Realtors and Real Estate Agents can get it.

Owner occupied units usually get only one LB, and most of the time that is a #LB. A lot of agents do not have the courtesy or maybe they forget to call you before showing, and I had too many Realtors walk in on my sellers while they were sleeping or in the shower etc. (not a good thing) Also, sometimes you have additional information that you want to give to the showing agent, so with a #LB they HAVE to call you. As far as keeping tract of who shows your listing, please guys, just ask for their name and phone number when they call and problem is solved. Yes, we all thought that the electronic Lock Boxes were God’s gift to Realtors, but think again what are the benefits of an electronic Lock Box.

The # Lock box actually save me time. One scenario is owner occupied unit is under contract, contingent upon financing. Well, I want to be there when the appraiser shows up. Most appraisers have e keys and some of them conveniently forget to make an appointment and just go to the house. So, the moment I have a house or condo under contract I take off the LB. with an e lock box I have to go in person to take it off and than go back to put it on again. with my #LB I just call the owner and ask them to take it off and put it back on.

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