Who has the heart?

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Working out of you home can be challenging at time. . .

She is NOT allowed on my desk. . . . .but she is over 15 years old and getting funny.

Lately she has decided to follow me 24/7 and sit right were I sit and in clear view and of course talk to me all day long. .

Who would have the heart to tell her NO?

I don’t. So, now I have my desktop computer and my laptop on my desk.

I figured she can only sit in front of one screen.

So far it is working out great, well, other than the few times when she wants to help me typing and puts her paws on the laptop keyboard while she is sitting in front of the desktop screen. . . . . . I have already ordered a bigger desk. . . .



I wonder, what is next? She has already crash one of my computer by sleeping on the keyboard all night long, and I was wondering where this “ping” noise came from all night long.

Oh, I also have a wire less board and mouse, since she loves to nibble at the small cables. (and i thought a had a mouse in the house. . .

By the way, her name is




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