Who are you ???

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Who are you ???

I had a call from a woman ( she lives up north and found us somewhere on the net) that was trying to find a Realtor in St. Petersburg Fl. that could help her mother find a condo. After we had talked a little bit about real estate and what her mother is looking for and the local market  she said that she wanted some background information on me and the company and before I could say anything she  asked  “Who are you?”   “Who is South Beaches Real Estate Professionals?”

That made me pause for a moment and then I realized that I was smiling when I gave her my answer.

I did not give her a “real estate sales pitch, multimillion dollar producer, how great our company was doing etc.”

Instead I told her about US as human beings not just Realtors. I said that we are all daughters, some of us are mothers, others have pets that are family, that we have been living in the area for a long time, that we love our job etc.   

Never did I talk about how great we are with negotiation  sales terms, find the right property, getting a good deal etc.

It was a great phone call, first of all I realized once again how proud I am of our little group of Realtors and second of all it made me realize how personal real estate can be.

So, how would you answer that question?

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