Where are our Florida restaurant owners when it come to the Gulf Partnership For Marine Fisheries?

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The Gulf Partnership For Marine Fisheries,

and therefore every Florida resident and Florida tourist needs your support.

If you want to be able to serve fresh native Florida fish in the future, you better get involved in this cause. Unfortunately the issue of over fishing and under fishing here on the gulf coast has not gotten enough attention. We all take this natural resource for granted, but if you look into the subject and see all the restrictions that are coming up, you will soon realize that the Florida fishery is in serious trouble. Recreational and commercial fishery. Not only this, being a realtor in this area for many years, I can see the impact our local fishing industry has on home values and the tourist industry.

Let me tell you, the situation scares me and I am glad the people like Robert Spaeth and Denny O’Hearn see the bigger picture and that they are taking action. FOR ALL OF US.

The Gulf Partnership For Marine Fishery, can make a difference, but they can not do it alone, they need the support and backup from YOU, so get involved, now is the time, do not wait until it is too late. Voice your opinion, help make this right.




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