What would you have done?

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This is a strange situation

I got a call from a buyer on one of my listings. He told me he wanted to see it as soon as possible and his Realtor did not have time to show it till late this weekend. (It is Tuesday and the home is on lockbox)  I told him that I am a single agent, representing the seller and I would not feel comfortable to show the house to him without his realtor present and since the house is very easy to show I would assume his Realtor could make time.

Long story short, he insisted that Realtor did not have time and I finally gave in and said I would show it to him this afternoon, but I also called the Realtor and left a message making her aware of the situation and explaining why I did not feel comfortable.

She called back saying She has shown him around town for a few days now and she is absolutely fine with me showing the property.

Am I missing the point? Is she missing the point?

So, anyway, it is in the best interest of the seller to show it to as many people as possible and I AM working for the seller.


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