What is the future of the MLS system

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We, the Realtors are paying fees to submit our listings to the MLS system.

This was great in the past, it was convenient, time saving and easy for us,

We, and only we, had access to all the listings.

Buyers had no way of finding properties other than by signs.

Today they find all the listings on the internet.

The information we submit to the MLS is  forwarded, sold or. . .

to “public” sites that everybody can access.

On top of this, we the Realtors spend additional time and money to advertise on websites like Homes.com etc.

Something is wrong in this picture.

We actually pay for buyers to find property themselves.

Are we cutting ourselves out of the deal?

What is the future of the MLS system?

What do we need it for other than  “showing instructions”?

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