What is the future of NAR and FAR and local boards?

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I personally think they are a thing of the past. Are you sometimes asking yourself “and why am I paying all this dues and fees to NAR and my local board? The way they do business is stuck in the 20th century. Think about it, what do they actually do for the Realtor that pays them month after month after month?  Are they the once who provide the breaking news?  When you search for real estate information on the web, why do companies like Inman, Active Rain, Trulia, Zillow come up before FAR or NAR or local board websites? Do we really need Realtor.com with all the other options out there? How about contracts and forms? Wouldn’t it be much better if we had “universal” forms that everybody in the country could understand? Why are we paid on a commission base and our associations get a flat fee from Realtors? Look up studies and statistics, the general pubic does not know the difference between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent. Isn’t the “Realtor image” a big part of why we pay and belong to this exclusive and expensive clubs? Once they are gone, the doors will be open for a “universal” MLS system and the private sector will jump in and we can finally enter the 21st century. FAR, NAR and local boards, I think their time has run out.

What do you think?

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