What is one of the most important features of a bathtub?

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     The drain.

     Yes, without a drain a bathtub would be a quite painful apparatus—-and probably wouldn’t get used very much—-or the water would just sit there until it turned green and foul.  It was probably part of why our ancestors bathed once a year whether they needed it or not.

     Every house that has a basement should be thought of as a home covering a giant bathtub.  Without a drain we are just plain asking for trouble. 

     Do you remember the rubber hoses on your washing machine I have warned you in the past about changing to braided stainless steel hoses?  Well because you didn’t change them, and then you went to Baja for a month, when you came home you found two feet of water in your basement—-all because there was no drain!

     Well if that was NOT you—do you know where your basement drain is?  Do you know if it works?  It is always a good idea to verify the function of floor drains in basements to prevent major flooding that would cause way more damage than if there was no drain at all.

     As an inspector I always do my best to locate basement floor drains.  I found this one rather interesting.

Blocked floor drain

     Filled flush with concrete—-good thing it was dry basement—-for now anyway.

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