What is in your trunk?

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I could not possibly imagine a life without WD-40 !!!

or plastic tie straps or duct tape or crazy glue of course.

You will find all these items in my trunk, next to a roll of paper towels, a pair of scissors, and a screwdriver, my listing bag and my swimming bag.

You will also find a bottle of air freshener, paper towels and a roll of trash bags.

People do not realize that a realtor needs his or her tool kit as well as every other profession.

More than once in a while I want to show a property here in ST. Pete, but I can’t get in because the lock box is stuck (the salt water gets to it)

You should see the look on my clients face when I go to my car to get the most powerful weapons of all    WD-40    My favorite item, so far it was able to fix every broken lock box that has ever denied me access to a listing. It also fixes noisy doors, stuck window tracks, squeaky screen doors and it removes fingerprints from stainless steel appliances.

The next best tool ever is the plastic tie straps. We sometimes have high winds in our area and the real estate signs blow off, with the straps in my trunk, it is an easy fix for me when I check on my properties instead of calling the “sign guy”

So, what is in your trunk?


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