What is growing in your refrigerator?

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      It is routine for me to record the temperatures of refrigerators and freezers in the course of the Home Inspection.  Many inspectors don’t perform this service for their buyers.

Refrigerator Temperature     For food safety it is recommended that refrigerators be kept at approximately 38 degrees Fahrenheit and that freezers be kept at around 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


     I frequently find temperatures much warmer than these recommended temperatures—-often even in the 50’s for the refrigerator.  Freezers are less often inadequate because people can judge temperature by how hard the ice-cream is.  If the ice-cream digs out without breaking the spoon it is probably too warm. Freezer Temperature


     Some of the newer refrigerators come with digital read-outs that keep track of the freezer and refrigerator temperatures—-sometimes even these are not accurate and should not be “relied” on—-they should be checked periodically with an actual thermometer.

     OK—-now go and check the temperatures of your refrigerator and Freezer.


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