What if Sara Palin was a Realtor?

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One of my buyers inspired this post. We were chitchatting and talking about the changing real estate market and how the advertising and marketing has changed and we talked about blogs and somehow we ended up with the Sara Palin  “frenzy”. This post is not about politics or about being for or against Sara Palin. I am writing this post to make us think. Sara Palin has accomplish what we all want to accomplish. A big part of being a Realtor is being known by everybody. Being talked to or about by everybody, getting free media coverage, free advertising, millions of hits on our websites. Well Sara Palin has it all. Is it just because she might be the Vice President or is there more to it? Does Sara Palin have something special, something we do not have? Is Sara Palin doing something we do not do?

Can we Realtors learn from Sara Palin and if so, what can we learn?

If Sara Palin was a Realtor what would she do? Would she stand out in the crowed and if so why?

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