What have we done?

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To make people take our services for granted?

I just read a post about a homeowner that is concerned about his property value and concerned that he might not be able to refinance because the value has gone down so much in his area.

He checked Zillow etc.

Well the person that answered his questions suggested that Zillow might not always be correct and to talk to a Realtor or an appraiser to determine the market value.

Keep in mind, the guy had no intention of selling. So, here is my question.

What have we done wrong that a lot of people assume we will just do a comparable market analyses for people?

Don’t get me wrong, if
“people” are my clients or customers or friends or potential clients, I am the first one to pit some work in and help them out FOR FREE. But it just shocks me that people think, “Oh just call a realtor, they will tell you what the value is”

We invest a lot of energy, work and hours to become real estate market specialist and gain the knowledge that is needed in today’s market. Why don’t we get the respect or payment for this?

 Well here is a BETTER question, How can we change this?

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