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Imagine that you only had a few hours of sleep, your coffee maker just broke, your cat is miauing constantly for no apparent reason and it is 8 am in the morning (and you are PMSing in the first place) now your phone rings, you pick it up and before you have a chance to say something you hear a person in a very obnoxious loud and upset voice ramble on about You (that’s me) being unethical and soliciting people and filing a formal complaint about you and and and. I took a deep breath and tried to stop this woman, but no such luck, she went on and on.

At one point I was actually proud of myself and my patience that I had not hung up on her.

It took a few minutes to understand what she was talking about. She was upset that I send her an e mail invitation to use a new tool that I have (listing book) that enables buyers to do a MLS search. It is an invitation and the customer can accept it or deny it. Finally I got to say a few words ( and I was still friendly) and I said something like Debra I am sorry hat you are so upset and if it is my fault, I want to apologize, but I only send these invitations to people that make an inquiry, to leads that I get. So, you must have contacted me. That’s when she stopped me and went off again, stating she never ever contacted me, she never makes inquiries, and she always identifies herself as a realtor and she will call the board and the software provider right now and and and. (she repeated this 25 something times) there was no talking to her, so I ask her to give me 30 minutes to research this and that I would get back to her. (I really wanted a cup of coffee first)

Long story short

Dear Debra (I am not using her real name) had sent me an inquiry via one of my lead generating website (it says very clearly on this site that you will be contacted by a Realtor) she had pretended to be a buyer and did not identify herself as a realtor ( and I still had this e mail) The moment I wanted to call her back my phone rang (till this point I was still in my friendly mood) it was the Pinellas County board of Realtors, while I am still on the phone with them the other line rang, my software provider. . . That’s when I have had it, told them both to wait for my e mail

Here it is.


I am still very disturbed by your phone call and being accused of unethical behavior and your tone!

I do not understand why you are upset that I send you an invitation for listing book.

I told you that I will only send invitations if I had some kind of a lead. I do not “out of the blue” solicit people.

You repeated that you never made any inquiry and that you always identify yourself as a realtor.


As you can clearly see in the e mail below, I had every right to sent the initiation,

You made an inquiry to the real estate book and you did NOT identify yourself as a realtor.

See, that is what I call unethical and I also think that your phone call from this morning was totally out of line.

In this case I did nothing wrong, but you would not even give a fellow realtor the benefit of the doubt

or give me the time to research the matter before you called PRO.


Things happen, things get mixed up, and it is perfectly ok to call the other realtor and alert them to it,

but you should do so with professional cutesy.

Please be so kind to forward this e mail to your broker.


Anne Hensel, broker

South Beaches Real Estate Professionals


I thought that was the end of the story, but no,I got an e mail back from her

Not apologizing at all but telling me that she still thinks it is wrong and unethical to follow up on leads (that I pay dearly for) if they do not contact me directly and ask me to be their agent.

 I think she is beyond help and I did not answer this one, instead I wrote this post.

What do you think, who is out of line?

Me or her?

Maybe times have changed and I need a reality check.

Feel free to give me a piece of your mind, today I can take it, my cat is sleeping peacefully and I had 3 cups of coffee already.

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