What do you do when the notary runs off with your closing papers?

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This is NOT an April fools joke. (I wish it was)

Unfortunately it is very real and my question to you is very real too. What do you do? Does anybody have an idea?

We had a closing late last night, it was a courtesy closing where the title company out of Texas hired a notary here in Florida to do the closing. All was signed and done and I stressed the point that the closing papers have to get back to the lender that night and even gave her all the lender contact info again. She promised to do this as soon as she gets back to the office (her house) Well since 7 am this morning everybody is going crazy the closing papers never made it back to the lender. I called her and she gave me a bla bla bla answer but promised to do it ASAP.

So, now , 13 hours later, it is 8 pm and nobody can find her, she does not answer her phone and the closing papers are still “lost”

Any suggestions? Every idea is appreciated.


Update after reading 80 something comments

Thanks so much for all your suggestions, I learned a lot.

below is the whole story and again I did NOT make this up.



Have a nice day, unless you already have other plans.





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