What a sweetheart !!! Doug Walkowiak

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Seminole Isle condos. I have to write this post to say Thank you to Doug Walkowiak.

I needed condo docs for Seminole Isle and I needed them badly and fast.

Long story short between the owner and the realtor and the title company I just could not get them. I could have gotten a hard copy but nobody knew if it was updated. . .and so on. Well these Seminole Isle condo docs had to go all the way to the Czech Republic. and I was running out of time.

My last resort was to called the condo association. I left a message, my phone call was returned ASAP and Doug Walkowiak the property manager said he would help me out and e mail them to me. I could not believe this, you know how many hoops you usually have to jump through. So, I am all excited, my problem is solved. No, it wasn’t the e mail got stuck in cyber space. So I had to call again, gie him a different e mail address, he tried again, Yes, you guess right it got stuck again. Everytime I called the poor guy I thought he is going to tell me ENOUGH, but no, he was as sweet and understanding and professional as someone could possibly be.

In the end Doug send me 9 different e mails and we could piece it all together.

In 15 years of real estate and dealing with associations I have never had such a good ecperience.     Doug if you stay in Seminole Isle I will make it my farm area

Thank you again.



Doug Walkowiak

Licensed Community Association Manager


24701 US Hwy 19 north, Suite 110

Clearwater, FL 33763

Direct line: 727-451-7907 Direct Fax: 727-451-7917

Main Line: 727-451-7900  Main Fax: 727-451-7901

Seminole Isle Main Line: 727-399-2038

Seminole Isle Fax: 727-399-2108


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