What a night!!! But the Christmas tree is up now.

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 Wrong, 3 Christmas trees are up now. And we never ate the Octopus.                                              This would have been the perfect night to shoot a reality show at my house. It was hilarious. Just a little back ground info. I am a single female 110 pounds, very creative with long fingernails and high heels. . . . . .That translates to I am not really good at putting up a Christmas treesand I hate fake trees but I am very good at organizing things and motivating people. (I can make a home cook meal that tastes great) So, every year I invite some friends over to have dinner and help me put up the Christmas tree. Most of my friends do not answer their phone in the beginning of December, but some of them are good sports. This year I could convince Manny and Ray, Deb, Toni, and Bobby.

All of them know that I do not do too many things the “ordinary way” and they come prepared. But this year I also threw Bobby in the game and that threw everything else way off. (Never a dull moment with Bobby) He brought over a surprise, two live octopus.octopus

Needless to say that nobody knew how to clean them or cook them, but we tried (unsuccessfully I might say, it was a story by itself) In the meantime the rest of us started with the tree. Anne's treeI asked Ray to help me bring it in the house. We went outside and he froze, he did not believe that I was serious (I had cut a real Cedar tree from my backyard) (7 feet wide)Poor Ray, he started arguing with me and trying to convince me that this was impossible and would not work and even offered to buy me a tress at home depot if I would just give up on this idea. (he should know better, I never give up) so, we got the tree in the house and it took 6 people,  a couple of buckets, tree stands, bricks, string, pretty much everything in my garage to actually put it up. But, we did it!!! Do you know how heavy a cedar tree is? We had some “left over’s” and Manny went to work and started at a second tree, inspired by this Deb, Toni and I started a third tree. (While Bobby was still giving good advice and dealing with the octopus) and my cat was watching it from a safe place (she thought, after the nearly got buried under the tree when it fell over 5 times) So, now I have 3 beautiful Christmas trees (one being 7 foot wide) but I have to have my Christmas party outside this year, because the house is packed with trees and it is really difficult to move around them.

This is only the beginning of my Christmas season, on Saturday I have my 15th anual “Girls only cookie baking day” Not once in 15 years did we produce ” eat able” cookies. 

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What is your tree story?

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