Waterfront homes, townhomes and condos in Saint Petersburg Tampabay for sale.

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Waterfront homes, townhomes and condos in Saint Petersburg Tampabay for sale.

Saint Petersburg beachA lot of people that want to buy in our area are from out of town, out of state even out of the country. The buyers typically start their search on the internet. Not knowing our neighborhood they might type in Pinellas County, Saint Petersburg or Tampabay. Well, our little Peninsula has a lot of different areas where you can find waterfront properties. In this post I will try to break it down for you so you can do a more specific search. When it comes to buying or selling or for that matter living in Saint Petersburg we (the locals) separate St. Petersburg into “The beaches” meaning the west of Pinellas County and “The Bay” meaning the East. We also have “Central Ave” which further divides Saint Petersburg into North and South.  If you ask the question “Where do you live?” people will say  “On the beaches, meaning the Island of St. Pete Beach or Treasure Island or Madeira Beach or Redington Shores or North Redington Beach or Indian Rocks Beach Bell Air or Indian Shores. If someone says “I live on THE Island you know he means Tierra Verde. All these little Islands – towns are on the Gulf of Mexico and it doesn’t matter which waterfront property you buy, you will never be more than a mile or two from the beach

sunset on the beaches of tampabayWhen we go to the other side of town, places like North East St. Pete, South East Saint Petersburg, Pinellas Point, Maximo, Coquina key, Tanglewood, Caya Costa, Downtown Saint Petersburg etc. you will also find gorgeous waterfront properties for sale but you will be at least 20 minutes away from the  sandy beaches. Due to the unique location of Pinellas County which is right in-between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampabay our waterfront properties are all different and have different things to offer. If you buy your home or condo right on the Gulf of Mexico, you have a beautiful sunset right in your backyard every day but you cannot have a boat. If you buy waterfront property on the Intracoastal Waterway, you can have a boat but might have to drive a mile or two to see the sunset. Buying waterfront property on Tampabay, the east site of Saint Petersburg, you will have a long drive to see the sunset and due to a lot of sand bars you might and might not be able to have a boat. My point is that you if you find your waterfront dream home on the internet check out Google earth or look at a map. Waterfront property here in the Saint Petersburg area can be different from one block to the next.

That was it for today and for Waterfront homes, townhomes and condos in Saint Petersburg Tampabay for sale.


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