Want to sell your house or condo in Saint Petersburg Tampa Bay?

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Want to sell your house or condo in Saint Petersburg Tampa Bay?

Need to find a listing agent and determine

the correct price for your property?


Here is our special offer for sellers in the 727 area code.

There is no charge for both of these real estate services.


Evaluation of your property.

We will visit your home, take a look around and sit down with you to identify good selling points, make suggestions for changes if needed, help you understand your competition, give you tips and tricks to get the best price for your property and create a comparable market analysis for you.


You will get our honest, impartial and objective opinion of your situation.

So, if you list your home with us or not, you will get a lot of valuable information

that will help sell your house or condo.

. This service is free and you have no obligation to us.


Real Estate Consultation.

There are a lot of different steps involved when selling your home.

 You need to know all these things and understand them.

That is the only way to prevent a lot of trouble, legally and financially.


Get your house ready for showings,

Negotiate the sales prices,

Watch out for contingencies,

Understand the sales contract,

Monitor the mortgage process,

Calculate the closing costs,

Deal with home inspectors, appraisers,

Title companies, termite inspectors, Mold inspectors,

Home warranty, the survey and on goes the list.

We will spend an hour or two with you in our office and explain the process, step by step.

All this is free of charge


 Please call us 410 7777 or send an e mail to make an appointment.


We are happy to meet with you.

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