Waiting for Fay, another storm or Hurricane or maybe not?!

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Pinellas County, the Tampabay area is under Hurricane watch.

Living in Florida is wonderful and I like every day of it, but once or twice a year we are faced with a decision that could make or break our lives. This year, like right now, we have to make a decision about FAY, storm, hurricane, will it hit Florida, will it just go out in the Gulf, will it come up the west coast? Nobody knows the answer, but we still need to make the decision. Do I start to back up my data, do I go and buy water, do I cut down shrub and trees in the yard, do I start bringing in the patio furniture OR should I just wait and write another post on Active rain?

What do you do? Living here for 15 years, I have gotten very relaxed about the situation. (and that might be a bad thing)

In my first year I totally panicked, boarded up the house, had sandbags all around it, put all furniture on the second floor etc, the whole nine yards. Took me and my husband 2 full days to do the damage. You think this is bad, no, bad were the 5 days it took us to undo the damage. So, what will I do this time? I am in Pinellas county and if we get hit it will be sometime mid Tuesday. I backed up all my data, went and bought cat food (she can live happily ever after for 3 years now) bought water, some batteries and some can food. Now as you can see, I am writing, will make the rest of my decision tomorrow (might be a pretty hectic day)


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