Update on waterfront sales in Seminole Isle

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Seminole Isle waterfront condosUpdate on waterfront sales in Seminole Isle

I just send this e mail to my seller at Seminole Isle.

Hi ………..

How are you?

I don’t have any good or bad news to report on your condo sale at Seminole Isle but I thought I send you an e mail anyway.

We have had a lot of showings on your condo but no bite yet. The other two 2100 square foot units are also still on the market.

The feedback we get is

I love the unit

Love the layout

Love the association

Beautiful condo

Fantastic views

And on and on it goes but a lot of people are just looking right now and not ready to buy anything but keep in mind, the more showings the better of a chance to get an offer soon.

There are only 5 units for sale in all of Seminole Isle, that is the lowest I have ever seen and also very low inventory compared to other associations in our area.

We usually see 5% up to 10% of all units for sale in the Pinellas county associations but Seminole Isle has just a little over 2% for sale.

Starting at $175,000 for a 1500 square foot unit and $349,000 for a 2100 square foot unit. Your unit is the only 2100 square foot unit prices under $300,000

All townhomes are either sold or under contract.

We keep advertising and showing you unit and I will get back to you as soon as I have more exciting news.

Hope you are doing good

Have a great weekend


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