Ugly, Run Down Murder house, tasteless but odorous

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A home you never want to live in, yes, it is for sale.

Just kidding.

This is a test.  Mike  Hunter just wrote a great post

Seven Words You Can Never Say in Real Estate

I totally agreed with him, but the little devil in me thought, lets see what happens if we say them anyway.

I really believe Real estate and the way we advertise and market properties has changed a lot and we need to be way more creative.

This above might be going overboard, but what do you think about this post I wrote a little while ago?

You like it or you hate it? Let me know! Sunset beach

We used something similar for a brokers open flyer and we had a great response.

So, maybe a little humor is a way to refresh things?

I guess you have to have a seller with a good sense of humor to agree to it.

So, what do you think? Is it a way to attract more buyers? Or more sellers?

Would people be offended or simply say “she is nuts” or is it time to step a little out of the box? And if it is time, were is the line? I really think a headline like this one, “Ugly run-down murder house” will get attention, but is it the kind of attention we want?

Will it do good or harm?


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