Ugly old candle, no good for nothing.

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Well not in my house.

Since a lot of people like my Christmas tree stories, I thought I also share my candle story.

You need to know three things about me, (for now before we get into a deeper relationship) I am very creative, I hate to throw things away (people also refer to it as a pack rat) and I love when all colors are nicely coordinated.

So this year my Christmas decoration was supposed to be a mixture of Gold tone, from very light to deep rust golden. It is not only very difficult to find candles in the store that have this color, it is also no fun to go shopping when half of America is out there doing the same.

So, every year after Christmas I throw my left over candles in a huge box and the next year I take them out and make nice fancy nee once in the color that I want, by simply dipping them is wax and maybe spraying some gold glitter on them.

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