Treasure Island, you don’t dance in the morning?

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What are you thinking?!  It is a must on a rainy day! Do you wake up to a nasty beeping alarm or to your favorite song? A song that reminds you of good times with high energy and lots of fun.

If you have not already done this, just give it a try. Choose a few songs, a slow romantic song, a heavy metal song and a disco song. (and feel the difference) When you wake up to music instead of the nasty alarm ring, you will have a different start to the day.

On some days when I wake up and I am slow, not too much energy, dragging my feet, it is difficult to “snap” out of it. Well, not anymore, I found the perfect cure, I DANCE IN THE MORNING. I wake up, get my coffee and choose a great song to dance to. Perfect exercise and mood elevator. (Depending on the volume I can even change my neighbors mood, just be careful what you play)

It works, give it a try. If you like it as much as I do, you can go over board and grab your gym weights as a dance partner.

Being a Realtor or Real Estate agent here in Treasure Island is not always easy and having a lot of energy really helps.

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