Treasure Island, What do you eat first?

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I used to eat the “spinach” first, (that’s how I was brought up) the stuff on your plate they you really do not like too much, than I ate the rest. Well I have changed this a long long time ago, now I eat the nice stuff first and by the time I come to the spinach I might not be hungry anymore and simply leave it on the plate. What has that got to do with Real Estate? Well, I do the same in my job, when I wake up in the morning I start with all the things I like, get one after the other accomplished, the rest I leave for later (much later) it is like tomorrow never comes. . . .Now my plate is so full of stuff that I don’t like, it is getting scary, guess you would call this procrastination. (what a nasty word) So, if you are anything like me, how do you overcome it?

I still think, if I only wait long enough it might go away. Yes, I have been wrong on other occasion too.

So, any ideas how I can get rid of the spinach? (more acuratly paperwork)

Please do not suggest to delegate these things, the people that I work with are smarter that you think, they know how to hide.




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