Treasure Island verse St. Pete Beach, 4th of July fireworks

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Treasure Island verse St. Pete Beach, 4th of July fireworksI have been in this area for 18 years. 

 8 of them in St Pete Beach on Bella Vista, 9 in Treasure Island on Paradise Island (still going) and one year in-between in Pink Streets. Tonight was the 4th of July celebration (I love fireworks) this is an event that I do with my girlfriend for 18 years now.

Usually we go to St. Pete Beach or Treasure Island (yes, once we have strayed to downtown St. Pete and Gulfport) this year we went to Treasure Island, it was wonderful. I admit, St Pete Beach has the better fireworks but Treasure Island has the better party.

It started on Saturday at 4 pm. One local band after the other was playing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there was a lot of food and drinks and art and craft displayed right on the beach. Usually all fireworks start  at 9 pm right after sunset but this year it was very different in Treasure Island (loved it) Picture this, thousands of people sitting on the beach waiting for the 9 pm fireworks. Nothing happened!!!  You could see St. Pete Beach fireworks in the south, Madeira fireworks in the north, south east of us were the Gulfport fireworks and east of us the downtown St. Pete fireworks and that was the beauty of it.

Right there sitting on Treasure Island Beach we could see all these fireworks going on around us, it was a beautiful sight and when they were finishing up Treasure Island started with a big bang. It was the best idea ever to wait for all other fireworks to finish before we start. Everybody had a great time and we actually saw at least 4 different fireworks tonight.

Treasure Island verse St. Pete Beach, 4th of July fireworks


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