Treasure Island Short Sales | the market is bouncing back.

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Treasure Island Short Sales | the market is bouncing back.

We really do not know how to say this without sounding negative. For the last couple of days we have hear and read and seen on TV that

  • TreasureIsland real estate market is bouncing back”
  • Treasure Island properties see an increase in value”  
  • Treasure Island properties see an increase in buyer’s activity”
  • Treasure Island real estate statistics show an upward curve”
  • Treasure Island homes sell in a shorter period of time than last year”  
  • Treasure Island Short Sale rate is lower than last quarter”

     and on goes the list.  

As a consumer | seller that must sound like the best news you have heard in 5 years and you are already seeing your property values coming back where they were in 2006 and 2007.

As  Realtors working in Treasure Island and also doing a lot of Short Sales we are way more skeptic.

Yes, I personally believe that there are some good signs about the Treasure Island real estate market but not nearly enough to jump up and down.

We see new Short Sales listings come on the market every week, we see Bank owned properties advertised for rock bottom prices.
We are just afraid that this euphoria about “everything looks good again” will mislead sellers that are thinking about listing their home as a Short Sale.

How much value has your house or condo lost over the last 5 years?  
Do you really think that prices will just jump up again within month and all your problems will go away?

Sorry guys, we  hate to be the one that bring you the bad news but it will take years and years for our prices to bounce back. It takes more than a few “good signs”.

America’s and the world’s economy have to get much stronger for people to have enough money to buy at 2007 prices.

So, please if you are thinking about doing a Short Sale here in Treasure Island, pick up the phone and call us 727 410 7777. Let’s talk about your situation and your options.
Do not waste anymore time by WAITING.
Treasure Island Short Sales | the market is bouncing back

For more information go to our Treasure Island Short Sales website

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