Treasure Island Realtors, Do you have a “Trademark?” Do you stick out?

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I recently wrote a post about      Do you sometimes get “TIRED” of dressing up?  and I got o lot of response. That made me think back to the days when I started in Real Estate (I was still a wild child) and it was even more of a drama to get dressed in “Realtor cloth” in the morning. I felt like I was slipping into a different role, different person. The Rebel in me did not like or allow that and I made the decision that Yes, I will dress as a Realtor (that excluded Jeans and T shirt) but I won’t give it all up. I have always loved Jewelry and I wear a lot, custom or real, gold or silver doesn’t really matter. It is so over board that people say, “OH, here comes Anne, they can hear me before they see me” My broker called me in the office and asked me if this was really necessary. . . . . I do not give up easily and I am a very logic person. So my answer was, Yes, of course it is very necessary, in order to stick out of the crowd I need a Trademark and that is my jewelry. He could not really argue this one, because at the time, the most successful realtor in our area was wearing a (ridiculous) “HAT” at all times (keep in mind I work on the beach in Florida)  Now I was on a mission, long story short, it worked. Sellers, buyers, prospects, they would all refer to me as  “The lady with the jewelry” After years, they might forget my name or the company I worked for, but I was still “The lady with the jewelry” they never forgot that.

Treasure Island Realtors.  So, do you have a Trademark?




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