Treasure Island Real Estate | PLEEEEEEEEEEASE when you make an argument be prepared that I will take it apart!

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I really do not know what some people are thinking and how on earth they came up with their arguments. Whatever happened to “Think before you Talk”?

I am a single agent for the buyer. Asking price was $425,000 we offered $ 325,000

Listing agent just called me and said the seller is countering with $425,000 (you call this a counter?)

Anyway, his one and only argument was  ” You need to know that they paid $600,000 for it” (do I really care?) (does he think I did not look this up before we made the offer)

So, my response was REALLY ??? and WHEN was that? 

 In the summer of 2006.

“OH, so you are telling me that they bought at the top of the market BEFORE the values went down by 40%.  Let me think, the values are still going down, in our area we have not seen bottom yet so we should actually subtract the 40% plus another 10% or maybe even more which really means that we are already offering too much”

WHY would someone bring up an argument that they clearly cannot win WHY WHY WHY???


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