Treasure Island real estate, Do you sometimes get “TIRED” of dressing up?

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Or don’t you dress up in the first place?

Deep down, I am a Jeans and T shirt girl that sometimes feels

the urge to dress up or wear fancy cloth or even a little shocking cloth.

It all depends on my mood of the day.

But every morning I am faced with the nasty question “What will I wear to work today?”

My decision is easy, if I have appointments, showing property etc. 

I will dress as a REALTOR

When I have an office day, my Jeans come out.

I hate all this, what kind of society do we live in that we still think cloth make people?

Are we that shallow?  Shouldn’t we be judged by our knowledge?

I am a big believer that “first impression” is very important when it come to curb appeal of a house, but how important is it when it comes to first impression of a Realtor?

Some of my friends and clients are very surprised sometimes.

Friends when they see me in “work cloth” and clients when they run into me on my day “off”

So, what do you do? Do you even have this problem or is it an “Anne” problem only?



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