Treasure Island newsletter for July 2009

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Treasure Island newsletter, as always courtesy of Jeff Jenson 


 The cost of living  hasn’t affected its popularity, we’ve noted. And that steady cruching sound you may have heard reverberating throughout city hall the past few months? Numbers, for the most part. (Consuming a bag or two of sea-salted potato chips could cause the same sound). But now, after months of figuring debits, credits, adding endless columns of numbers, creating spreadsheets, and balancing accounts, Budget Season is here! Next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, starting at 1pm, the City Commission and staff examine a virtual recycled forest of paper, all neatly stapled, indexed, organized and collated into what is known as The City of Treasure Island FY2009-10 Proposed Operating Budget (copies available online Monday). You’ll thrill to live gavel-to-gavel budget coverage on TITV615 next week, starting Wednesday at 1pm.

Curb your enthusiasm, kids
SunsetBeach, predominately a residential neighborhood, experiences what many residents describe as an unending “spring break” every weekend or major holiday. The Treasure Island Police Department, responding to the volume of complaints voiced by the residents of Sunset Beach, will increase the number of officers assigned to the current police detail in the 9000 block of West Gulf Boulevard.

Six things the Treasure Island Police Department wants you to know:

  • They will be checking IDs. Persons under twenty-one found in possession of alcohol will be charged, which requires a court appearance.
  • Persons under eighteen years of age in possession of alcohol are also charged but will be detained until a parent can come for them, or they will be transferred to the very un-fun Juvenile Holding Facility for further action – they will not be allowed to “go home” with friends.
  • If you’ll be drinking alcohol, pre-arrange a designated driver and ensure only that person maintains possession of the keys.
  • Parking violations can be from $30 to $250 and are strictly enforced. You block a driveway or an intersection? You’ll discover your car ticketed and towed.
  • Officers will be assigned to patrol the streets for persons driving under the influence of alcohol, crosswalk compliance, proper lane use and speeding.
  • The fine for glass containers on the beach is a minimum $113.

Have fun, kids, but please … respect the beach and our residents.

“SLICK” LAWYERS: There’s a lot of oil and gas money ready to lobby the Florida Legislature for offshore drilling in Florida, in some cases wells as close to three miles from shore. Since we’re all on a buddy-buddy first-name basis with Jim and Dennis ( Frishe and Jones, your state representative and senator, respectively) why not e-mail your views on a hulking oil platform, squatting over the Gulf of Mexico, forcing dolphins to wear gas masks and blocking out the sunset? …
ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A FREE COOKOUT: Our Treasure Bay Golf Pro Gary Metzger (seen here casually festooned in what could be interpreted as an endorsement of a popular discount store) is, naturally, very big on golf. And that’s what SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is: big golf. SNAG uses oversized equipment in a kinda-but-not-quite miniature golf style. Get in on SNAG Golf (bring the kids – They. Will. Love. It.) Saturday, July 11th from 5 to 7pm at Treasure Bay, 10315 Paradise Boulevard. It’s free and so is Gary’s cookout … 14 TURTLE NESTS ON TI: It’s shaping up to be the biggest nesting season in years for the threatened species with 101 barrier island nests so far. Unortunately, we heard about the turtle mugged by a gang of snails. When a police detective asked the turtle if he could explain what happened, the turtle said with a confused look on his face, “I don’t know, it all happened so fast.” … AN OPENING FOR OPENING AND CLOSING: A job as bridgetender is available with the City of Treasure Island. Click here for the details … Next e*ti: July 23rd.

Jeff Jensen, Editor  

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