Treasure Island listings and showing instructions. Make appointment – 24 hour notice required – listing agent has to accompany.

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Make appointment, 24 hour notice required, listing agent has to accompany

Well, if you want to sell your home or condo the “24 hour notice” is not really working anymore. Years ago when we were very low on inventory and buyers weren’t really looking on the internet for properties, the 24 hour notice was not a big deal. In today’s world and market showing instructions like –  Appointment only, Call listing agent, 24 hour notice required, Key in listing office, Listing agent has to accompany, etc are a big obstacle to overcome for buyer’s agents. The world is moving so much faster, the inventory of homes and condos we have in Pinellas County is huge. Buyers and their agents can pick and chose. For each home there are 10 others that are very similar, so why go through the hassle of calling the listing agent hoping he will answer, most likely leaving a voice mail, waiting for the agent to call back, trying to make an appointment, again waiting for listing agent to confirm with seller and call back again, when at the same time I have a ton of listings that are vacant Lockbox. No phone call needed, no appointment needed. NO hassle whatsoever.

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