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April 2, 2009
THE FINE PRINT: Published online since 2005 by the City of Treasure Island Public Information Office for exactly 1147 online sunscribers.



Sure, it has been
 windy, damp and cloudy (Welcome to Portland, Oregon!) this week on the island but our causeway pirate stays fresh, fresh, fresh inside a cocoon of Saran Wrap, thanks to some Merry Pranksters. The last time we were so entertained by anything wrapped in plastic (not counting Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks) was last Sunday when we found a soggy “newspaper” full of three-day-old AP stories and “going out of business” furniture store advertisements in the neighbor’s driveway. Soggy newspapers are, alas, a thing of the past, what with the once-a-week watering restrictions. If you use an in-ground irrigation system, you can only water your lawn and landscaping from midnight to 4am, one day a week. Landscape watering, using a hose or sprinkler, can only be done three days a week, 6 to 8am and 6 to 10pm. Oh, and no car washing or fountains. Next: showering with your neighbors.

A little anxious to get the kids out of the house,
are we?

Calls this week to the Recreation Department about TI’s Summer Camp have gone something like this: “Can we register our kids yet? Huh? Can we? Can we? Can we, pleeeease?” Put down the Starbucks and relax, Mom and Dad – registration for the enormously popular TI Kids Camp begins April 13th. 2009 camp runs 11 weeks, from June 8th to August 21st. Registration and rules forms are here.

Everything about golf and tennis
Treasure Bay is Treasure Island’s award-winning golf and tennis complex on Paradise Island. Perhaps you’ve zoomed past it. This Saturday, April 4th, you can explore everything at the Treasure Bay Open House and it’s all free. See the Quick Start Tennis program where kids get an introduction to the game with kid-sized tennis equipment. SNAG is “Starting New At Golf” which is kinda self-explanatory but Golf Pro Gary Metzger will get you into the game. Free play on the golf course and tennis courts and you can grab a free burger or hot dog at the snack bar. Open House starts at 2pm at 10315 Paradise Boulevard.




 Thank you again Jeff, I love your newsletters





Beach Graffiti



IT’S STILL OKAY TO DO THIS ON THE BEACH: The proposed Sunset Beach alcohol ban never even got to a vote by the City Commission last Thursday. After hours of public comment (with a majority of speakers opposing the ban), commissioners withdrew the ordinance. By then, everyone needed a drink anyway … GIANT RODENT TO APPEAR IN PARK: It’s bunny-time on Saturday, April 11th at the annual Easter Egg Hunt, an event so big it is sponsored by the Gulf Beaches Rotary, the TI Chamber of Commerce and the Isle of Capri Civic Association. Hunt starts at 10am at the Community Center Park. Bonnet and hat contest and, of course, photo-op with The Bunny. Info: 727-367-2303WE’RE GETTING SIGNALS: Construction begins this month on the new LED traffic lights and mast arms at Paradise Boulevard and the Treasure Island Causeway. A pedestrian activated crossing signal and better walkway and curbing are part of the improvement project, which is expected to take about 3 months to complete … FREE T-SHIRT: It reads “Ride the Wave” and its yours when you donate blood at the Bloodmobile Tuesday, April 7th at TI City Hall. The ‘mobile gushes into town at 1:30pm. You also get a free Jetty Punch Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe … Next newsletter: April 16th.

– Jeff Jensen, Editor 






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