Treasure island Fl. Life without power (no fun)

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It happens to me every year and every year I am soooooooooooo surprised of how dependent we are on electricity. It is summer in Fl and with our big thunderstorm that roll in we often lose power. Usually it is for a few minutes but today I am out of power for 2 hours already and it is supposed to take another two hours. Drives me crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me, until you really have a complete power outage you do not know how disabled you are. I have a ton of things to do today but 99% of them require internet. Well if the power is out the internet is out. You cannot listen to music, you can’t watch TV, you can’t cook, you can’t make a cup of coffee, you can’t, you can’t, and you can’t.  AND don’t forget, the AC is out of order too. It is scary how much we need electricity.

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