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Treasure Island sea oats planting Saturday, June 20th

When it comes to doing something “green,” it’s action that really counts. For close to five years now, dedicated groups of volunteers have made the “green” difference in Treasure Island by planting sea oats. If you own a shovel, you can become part of this highly effective group Saturday, June 20th when 12,000 sea oat seedlings are delivered for planting on the beach.

Twelve-thousand sounds like a lot of plants but surprisingly, the planting goes fast. Dennis Velasco, chairperson of the Treasure Island Beach Stewardship Committee (the group that organizes these plantings) explains why, in a couple of hours, several acres of sea oats can be planted. “We lay out the plants ahead of time in the places where we intend to create new sand dunes. All our volunteers have to do is take their shovel, make a wedge in the sand and drop the plant in. That’s it.” He said people generally work in pairs, one on shovel duty, the other making sure the plant is secure in the sand. “It’s not back-breaking work,” he assures. “It’s really very social, too.”

It is a perfect Saturday morning activity for civic associations, church groups, environmental organizations or just a bunch of friends looking to do some green work.

Sea oats help stabilize sand and create dunes. The dunes reduce coastal erosion and protect the homes and businesses behind the dune area.

Three Treasure Island areas are targeted for sea oat planting: near Land’s End; along the new dune walkovers at Sunset Vista Park; and the dune line at the Lions Club. All sites are on Sunset Beach. Pinellas County Coastal Management provides the free sea oat seedlings.

When: Saturday, June 20th, 8:30am
Meet at the Sunset Beach Pavilion, 8000 West Gulf Boulevard, Treasure Island
In metered city lot next to pavilion. Parking passes available on-site Saturday morning.
Dennis Velasco at 727-360-1901 or at 727-418-1601.



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