Traffic in downtown Saint Petersburg.

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Somehow I had no idea that the city of Saint Pete finally did something about the  (my) one way street disaster downtown St. Pete. On Saturday when I was going to the Cillougne event and wanted to make a turn into first street, I nearly ended up in the wrong lane. Way am I so happy about it?

I did not like the one way street system that we have in downtown SainT Petersburg. It did not matter where I wanted to go, it was always a one way street in the wrong direction.

Anyway, they are changing it right now. YES !!!

First St. and Second St. is now two-way traffic between Central and Fifth Avenue N. They are also converting Third Avenue N. between Fourth and Fifth Streets. Changing the flow of traffic on these downtown thoroughfares is part of the city’s Vision 2020 plan that was developed with community input from residents and downtown business owners. In early 2009, the city also plans to convert Mirror Lake Drive to a two-way street. Way to go. I love it.


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