To Tim Heath from Prime Lending, Instead of Flower

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I just wrote a featured post about a notary that ran of with the closing papers and another blog that explained the whole situation my buyer found himself in.

Now instead of sending flowers and a thank you note (like we did in the old days) I want to write this post about Tim Heath from Prime Lending.

Tim Heath is a senior loan officer for Prime Lending. In 15 years of real estate and a few years as a mortgage broker, I have NOT ever seen anybody that deserves more credit than Tim Heath. He has saved an impossible real estate / mortgage deal and we actually went to closing. Tim does not only understand his business but also the human factor that is behind each real estate purchase. He put in very long hours, a lot of energy and he communicated with everybody in the game. I hope his employers read this post and realize that Tim is the biggest asset they can possible ever find.

So, Thank you Tim, you made the impossible possible.

Tom, Nicole and there for kids will be very happy in their new home and they could not have bought it if it wasn’t for your professionalism and your heart.

I hope I get the chance to work with you again.


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