Tierra Verde, Isla Del Sol dry cleaning

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I just got back from my dry cleaners on Tierra Verde, it is Sun and Moon dry cleaning in the Tierra Verde marina, just love these guys, they are so friendly and they do a fantastic job. Anyway. I talked to Debrah Memet, the owner and she told me that they will have all kinds of specials for the holiday season, so stayed tune in, I will let you know where you can get a deal on dry cleaning and a fantastic very personal service. I know that Tierra Verde is a little out of the way for many people, but if you live in Isla Del Sol or St. Pete beach, the dry clean specials might just make it worth your while to go over the bridge, I mean from Isla Del Sol it is what, 3 minutes?


Got to go now

Will keep you posted on the Sun and Moon Tierra Verde dry cleaning specials.

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