Thinking about renting your home while it is for sale?

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I get this question all the time.

Let me be straight forward.

NOT a good idea.

As a Realtor I see it all the time, houses that are rented do not sell as fast as others and usually they go for less money.

For some people renting out their home or condo is the only chance to make the monthly payment, but if you are serious about selling, think twice before renting it at the same time.

I have not seen a renter that happily shows the house, and keeps it nice and clean for buyers. All of this is understandable.

Put yourself in their shoes, you did not want to be disturbed all the time, and what do you care if they sell this month or next year, oh wait a minute, you do care, it is not in your best interest to get a new landlord or have the lease canceled.

So. Please think twice, renting and selling at the same time does not work.

You need to make a decision. Either rent it out and keep it for a couple of years, till the prices come back up, or put it on the market for sale, price it fairly, sell it and move on.

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