There is a logic to my MADNESS

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Yes, depending on my mood and my energy level I leave the house with my nametag upside down.

No, I do not do this because my eyesight is so bad

and I do not do this because I am blond.

I do this to have fun, talk to people and prospect. It gets attention; trust me, if you are in line at CVS or buying cold cuts at Publix or getting a coffee at seven eleven. People will notice and they will make you aware of it. All you have to say is “Thank you for noticing, I did this because I wanted o talk to you” It is fun to see their faces, it takes them a few seconds to recover, but than you have their full attention and you can start talking and discussing REAL ESTATE. It works all the time.

When I get a new Realtor in my office and I realize they have problems starting a conversation with a “stranger” I always recommend wearing the name tag upside down.

This way the “stranger” starts the conversation with you.

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