The Power of Orange Shoes

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Yes, you heard right, Orange Shoes and an orange pocket book, I mean bright bright orange, the orange that is so bright you can not look at it in daylight; it will hurt your eyes. I had no clue, what a powerful “tool” it could be.

It was raining here in St Pete and I could not go out on my jet ski, so I figured the mall is a nice and dry place and if I find something nice it will cheer me up on a rainy day.

So, off I went bounty hunting (I was very successful) found this gorgeous little blue dress, fantastic color, it is a royal blue with a satin shine to it. I had to have the dress, my name was on it. BUT  I knew of all the shoes in my closet, none would fit this dress and it was impossible to match the color. So now what do you do? Well I decided to go with a totally different color of shoes and to buy a pocket book to match the shoes. For whatever strange reason I decided on orange, bright orange.  That same night I was just in the right mood and decided to show the world my new outfit. (I was glad none of my girlfriends were with me, they would have not let me out of the house) Anyway, I went to Bellini’s in Gulfport and I had a great time. Everybody in the club came up to me and commented on my orange shoes including 20 something woman in a  40th birthday party. We had a blast and I never met so many people in such a short time. (I should have wore my name tag) So, go out and buy some bright orange shoes, it is a great conversation piece (and do not let your girl friends talk you out of it) (wish I had taken a picture for you guys)

Happy Sunday to everybody


Ok just took a picture

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